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Bed & Breakfast and Restaurant in Cortona, Toscana

Ristorante a Cortona

Cortona, city of art in Tuscany Cortona, city of art in Tuscany Cortona, city of art in Tuscany Cortona, city of art in Tuscany Cortona, city of art in Tuscany


Restaurant “Taverna Pane e Vino” and Bed & Breakfast “Locanda Pane e Vino” are situated on the two main squares in the historic center of Cortona, on Piazza Signorelli and near Piazza Garibaldi respectively. They can be easily reached thanks to their excellent location and once arrived you can walk to the main tourist attractions of Cortona.

Founded 3000 years ago by the Umbrians, Cortona became an important Etruscan “lucumonia” under the name of Curtum in the 8th century B.C. The city was then governed by the Romans and the Goths, before becoming a free comune in the 12th century and be yielded for a period of time to the Republic of Florence. This jewel of Etruscan and medieval arts, encircled by beautiful Etruscan and Roman city walls that are perfectly preserved, is characterized by narrow streets with breathtaking views, imposing medieval and Renaissance palaces and dozens of wonderful churches. You cannot miss to visit Palazzo Casali and the MAEC Museum, which displays Etruscan, Roman and medieval treasures; the Cathedral and the Diocesan Museum, which displays valuable works of art of famous local painters such as Luca Signorelli and Fra Angelico; the Basilica of Santa Margherita and the Fortress, which tower above the city; and Hermitage Le Celle, where Saint Francis of Assisi lived.

Cortona also offers a rich calendar of cultural and culinary events all over the year. For instance, we remind you of the classical music concerts of well-renowned “Tuscan Sun Festival”, the Antiques Market and Exhibition “Contonantiquaria”, the historic commemoration and crossbow tournament called “Archidado” and the many food festivals with local typical products such as famous “T-bone Steak Festival” and “Porcini Mushrooms Festival”.

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